Stiels-Werbedruck was founded in Grefrath on the Lower Rhine in 1925. In May 1933 the company moved to Kaldenkirchen/Nettetal. This location was chosen because the Lower Rhine border region and the Netherlands in particular had a flourishing tobacco and cigar industry, as well as coffee and tea factories, with a high demand for packaging materials. Stiels-Werbedruck had specialised in these products since its early years. Unfortunately, this market was lost entirely after the war.

After its owner’s return from internment, the company started again from scratch on 1 August 1945. The machinery had been almost completely destroyed during the 1944/45 evacuation, so production resumed with machines that had undergone makeshift repairs. At first, production focused on the cross-border haulage sector, railway and customs forms, and the insurance industry. In the mid-1950s we reintroduced illustration printing to our range of services, in addition to form printing. The company has developed continuously ever since. 31 May 1966 saw the death of our founder, Jakob Stiels. Jakob’s wife, Katharina, had been involved in the business since day one. She was the company’s guiding spirit; looking after its health and, in particular, keeping its finances in good order were her main purpose in life until 1976. From 1 July 1966 the couple’s sons Walter and Hermann-Josef Stiels continued the family business in the form of a limited partnership or ‘KG’. Hermann-Josef died in 1984 and Walter in 2008.
The site in Nettetal has been expanded three times: in the 1970s and in 2000 the production areas were expanded, and in 2015 another floor was added to the administrative building. Today, the business is actively run by Jakob and Stefan Stiels.