A strong team!

A strategic alliance is a partnership between independent companies in a particular field. In our case, there are three partner companies: Stiels, in.webs and ComCard.

We opted for a strategic alliance between our companies in order to develop a unique combination of pooled resources which the partners need for both their separate and their shared objectives.

This new path or change in the partners’ strategic thinking was necessary so that we could identify new ideas to benefit our customers and be self-sufficient in taking the resulting innovations forward.

Thinking in the more holistic terms of our alliance is, for us, the thinking of the future!

The key feature of our strategic position is therefore no longer the strength of an individual company but the combined strength of our group.

Choosing from a variety of options, we aim to find the best way to combine internal and external resources and feed this into everything we do for our customers.

This strong team is called s!ncNOVATION.