Know-How and enthusiasm

Qualities that are supplied by our highly motivated and well-trained staff.

We need you

We are always looking for motivated new employees to join our ever-growing team.

We know what counts

We combine tradition and innovation to ensure that our printed products boost your success.


Specifically for companies with extensive branch networks, we undertake logistics tasks which extend far beyond the simple storage of items.

Our integrated merchandise management system derives forecasts from delivery statistics, ensuring seamless delivery of the items required.

In partnership with Plentycards, we also operate the largest gift and prepaid card logistics centre in Europe. Here the focus is on excellent availability, automated logistics processes and fast delivery times.

Fulfilment / Mailing

We not only produce all types of business forms and cards; if required, we can also organise reliable, accurate product delivery to your private and corporate customers.

In this area we and our partners in the s!ncNOVATION group cover the whole of the following process chain:

  • Data service and data management
  • Personalisation on high-performance laser or inkjet printers
  • Wide range of processing and enveloping options

Response handling

Your mailing has been sent successfully, but your customers still have questions?

Would you like a completed questionnaire to be returned?

Are you expecting a flood of new registrations for a bonus programme by postcard, phone or email?

No problem! We and our partners in the s!ncNOVATION group will support you here too, taking on:

  • Receipt
  • Recording
  • Processing and evaluation of responses on all communication channels
  • Data management of recorded responses