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Gift cards

Since it started its triumphant advance in the USA, the gift card has largely replaced the traditional paper voucher in Europe as well.

With the right communication and design, a gift card can function as a valuable gift in its own right. For the “publisher” of the gift card, this medium also serves as a communication instrument. In a space measuring barely 50 cm2, the card’s publisher has an opportunity to present a “distillation” of its own brand promise.

At first, gift cards were only available in credit card format. Today, due to ever-growing demand and need, they come in an extraordinary variety of shapes. There are no limits on creativity, whether using unusual haptic elements or natural materials such as wood or stone. With us you can design your personal “wow” effect.

In this segment too, we can offer you integrated concepts and services working with our partners in the s!ncNOVATION group. From design, to webshop creation, through to distribution, you will be fully and expertly supported by our team.

Individual cards

Print runs do not necessarily have to be large. We also offer our customers the technical facilities for producing medium to small quantities, or even individual cards, in a limited print run. Using appropriate online tools, customers can apply their own themes to the gift card. We then feed it into our production workflow once our experts have checked the content. This makes every card unique, eye-catching and a suitable gift for any conceivable occasion. Our partner in.webs has already developed and integrated several such solutions for well-known companies.


ContentCards are found mainly at the retail POS. These products present digital content (such as games or software) in a minimal amount of space, and offer it for sale.

In the strict sense, ContentCards are an alternative payment method which can be used to purchase digital content on the Internet with the customer’s actual payment process remaining anonymous and at the same time secure.

This is another segment where you benefit from our long-standing experience. We will be happy to offer you integrated concepts. From design, to printing, to storage, right through to distribution.